Services Offered

Members' Primary Care Services

We offer a very unique Integrative Medicine Primary Care Membership. This provides an annual visit as well as your annual labs. Follow up visits are included in addition to exclusive membership benefits such as: 20% off pharmaceutical grade supplements; Functional Medicine Health Report; Discounted gym membership at 50+ Baxter Gym; The Live Longer Better Longevity Newsletter and more!

Our comprehensive primary care services including preventative care, the building of health, chronic disease and medication management, bio-identical hormone prescribing for men & women, nutritional counseling, pharmaceutical grade supplements and the diagnosis of acute and chronic illnesses through the lens of an integrative medicine approach.

Integrative Medicine utilizes both western medicine and alternative medicines and focuses on optimizing your health, not just waiting for disease to show up before doing something.  We also work closely with a variety of specialists and health care professionals in the area to provide you with the best possible health care in the Rogue Valley by keeping abreast of the most exceptional and innovative professionals to refer you to. Telemedicine and virtual office visits are available for your convenience when requested.

Bio-Identical Hormone Prescribing & Optimization

We offer Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and Thyroid supplementation for health optimization when needed to treat hormonal imbalances in adult men and women.   We first test your hormone levels to see if you  would benefit from hormone replacement and then monitor your levels to maintain optimization.  Finding the right hormone balance for you individually can improve your overall health, body composition, sexual health, longevity, anti-aging, and stamina!

Longevity & Precision Medicine

It is never too early to start on the path of longevity.  Pursuing optimal health is like saving money for your retirement.  The more “health” you put in your health bank account when you are younger, the healthier you will be when you get closer to retirement age (if there is such a thing).  In essence, the healthier you are when you reach a retirement age, the more likely you will be to enjoy the 3rd chapter of your life and live a prosperous and healthy life. 

At Veritas, we offer genetic testing and functional health testing to see how you are faring biologically compared to your chronological age.  This precision medicine testing gives you insight into what areas of your health you need to focus on based on your genetics, your environment and your current lifestyle.  

Genetic testing and longevity labs beyond the basic annual labs are available for additional fees. 

Medical Weight Loss Program

We offer a medically supervised holistic weight loss program designed for sustainable weight loss as an add-on program to your membership.  We focus on sustainable weight loss for your health and not just weight loss for the sake of weight loss.  Our program includes a nutrition plan, one-on-one and health coaching sessions with a certified functional health coach and weight loss lab markers to monitor your progress.  Our program may also include the use of pharmaceutical and compounded medications such as semaglutide (Ozempic/Weygovy), Wellbutrin/B12, phentermine, low dose naltrexone (LDN) and others, when indicated.  During your weight loss journey our goal is to promote your health and wellbeing in a way that is easily incorporated into your lifestyle and will have lasting effects.  Let’s find what works for you!  Sign Up Here